Fish Recipes

Looking for appropriate fish recipes? I think it has got to be a simple roasted whole fish. Or an entire fish jointed and cooked in a roasting tray which is a little quicker is equally yum.

Roasted Fish Recipes With Veggies – 

It can be cooked and served with whatever vegetables you have to hand. You can serve rice, or couscous or potatoes as a filling accompaniment. And of course, you can flavor the bird itself with a whole variety of things by using a marinade for a jointed fish or a spicy rub for a whole one. You can do the marinade or rub in advance and refrigerate the fish until you are ready to cook.

Traditionally British would be to use fresh or dried herbs to flavor the bird. Maybe a whole apple or halved lemon placed inside to keep it moist as it cooks. It might also be stuffed with a meat or breadcrumb mixture again featuring herbs like thyme and sage. You can buy stuffing in packets in any supermarket. Or you can also make your own in a few minutes if you have a food processor.

It’s one of the timely recipes because once you have done the prep and put your fish in the oven, there isn’t a lot to do. Vegetables should not take long to prepare. Potatoes and rice will cook on the stovetop while the fish cooks. I have to confess that recently I have started using frozen roast potatoes to save myself a bit of work.

More Timely Recipes


 One cp or more gram crackers smashed

 3 tbsp sugar

 Half stick of butter


 Three packs of cream cheese

 One cup of sugar

 3 tbsp key lime juice or more

 Zest from two or three limes or several key limes

 ½ tsp vanilla

 One egg white keep the yolk


 ¾ cp sugar

 2 tbsp corn starch

 ½ cup of cold water

 ½ cup key lime juice

 One egg yolk

 Lime zest to taste

 Make the crust like any other gram cracker crust. Melt the butter mix it with the sugar and crackers. Press into a springform pan with wax paper on the bottom. 

 Combine all the filling ingredients. Then pour filling into the pan, and put in a cold oven at 350. The reason for the cool oven is it helps the cake cook through and through. If you put it into a hot stove, it will be cooked on the outside and raw in the middle. I am also not a fan of the water bath method with cheesecakes.

 To make the topping combine the sugar, juice, and water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Mix a little water with the corn starch and mix in with the simple syrup. After boiling for several minutes, turn to a simmer, add zest. Beat the egg yolk that was reserved. Start to temper the yolk with the syrup. Once the yolk is in a rage, add the yolk to the sugar and whisk like crazy. After a few minutes, then remove and let cool once the cake is cool top the cake with the sauce.

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