Easy Lasagna Recipe – The Cheesy Goodness

Many lasagna lovers have been asking this question as they think that it is a tough job. However, the recipe is quite easy, but you need some basic experience in cooking. Moreover, you need to have knowledge about the right ingredients, especially types of meat. Therefore, we are going to learn a recipe that can be made by anyone. Let’s get started.

Easy Lasagna Recipe – The Cheesy Goodness
Easy Lasagna Recipe – The Cheesy Goodness

Three Different Type Of Meat

You will need ground chuck, pork and mild Italian sausage. These are the meat you need to make an authentic dish. Moreover, you need Asiago, Romano, Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Ricotta cheeses. Furthermore, you need to cook the lasagna in a deep pan that should be 4 inches deep. In addition to pot, you need baking sheets, either homemade of the freeze. You can also use any wine of your choice, but people usually use white wine.

Easy Lasagna Recipe – Meat Sauce Recipe

You need to collect all the three meat we have listed above. Moreover, ground them otherwise. The sauce will not have a good texture. Now, add all three types of meat to a pan over medium flame. After that, cook the meat mixture until its colors change to brown. Do not burn it, but it must tune into a dark brown color. In the next step, take out the meat in a bowl and then add wine into the pot. Now, let the wine reduce to half and then again add the meat we have cooked earlier. 

On the other hand, take another skillet and heat it. Now, add chopped garlic, pepper, onion, and olive oil. Afterward, chop the Roma tomatoes and add to the browned meat. In the next step, add tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, and the herbs. Do make sure that the seasoning is perfect at this stage. Therefore, adjust it if it is not perfect.

Easy Lasagna Recipe – The Cheesy Goodness
Easy Lasagna Recipe – The Cheesy Goodness

Easy Lasagna Recipe – Layering pasta

 Everything is ready, and now we have to place it properly in a lasagna pan. Moreover, you will need a non-stick pan and brush some olive oil on its surface. Spread the prepared sauce on the bottom of the pan, and then add a layer of pasta sheets. Over it, add the mixture of cheese we have made earlier. Now, repeat all three steps again until the pan gets full to the top. Furthermore, finish the yop layer with a mixture of different cheese.

Easy Lasagna Recipe – Bake

The last stage is to put the lasagna pan into the oven and bake it. However, in this step, do take care of the oven temperature; otherwise, it won’t taste good. In general, people tend to cover the pan with foil and bake it in the oven for around 90 minutes. Moreover, the temperatures should be about 390 degrees. Besides this, remove the foil 10 minutes before it gets cooked properly

Now, it is ready to be the favorite meal of the day. Therefore, make an easy lasagna recipe at your home using the above recipe and get the classic and original flavor you like.

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