Easy Bitter Gourd Recipe

Easy Bitter Gourd Recipes

Bitter gourd is commonly known as karela, especially in India. This vegetable, however, belongs to the gourd family that includes watermelon, cucumber, and different types of squashes and gourds. Many of you individuals may love this vegetable and the way different families and cultures prepare it, yet it is one of the most underrated vegetables around the world. 

Easy Bitter Gourd Recipes
Easy Bitter Gourd Recipes

A Unique Taste

Having a very sharp bitter flavor, it ranks very low on the list of favorite vegetables or the preferred one. One uses this vegetable, mainly in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

Now there, are various recipes that each of these countries may follow, and within each family, the methods may differ. Though, when you are cooking karela, you should keep in mind, in spite of having a bitter flavor, it can still be cooking many different dishes if you treat and cook it the right way. One way that is advisable to lower the bitterness is the trick of using little jaggery at the end of the cooking procedure, and another way is to team this vegetable with other vegetables like onion, potatoes, or tomatoes. 

Bitter Gourd: Ways Of Cooking The Perfect Gourd Recipe

Some of you individuals may like it the way it is, cooking just karela; on the other hand, some of you may prefer teaming it up with other vegetables. It’s all on the preference and choice of the tongue. Some tips that you should, however, apply while cooking this vegetable are as follows :

  • The herb should scrape off properly
  • The big seeds especially should be removed 
  • Wash this vegetable, slit it from the middle and put salt, this will serve as a marinating technique for at least half an hour
  • The juice of the plant should be squeeze properly
  • After marinating, wash the plant properly as to remove the excess salt from it

Thus, these were few techniques that you can follow before you get yourself into actual cooking, and these preliminary steps help you to remove the excess bitterness of the vegetable. It is not only great to taste if you cook it properly, but it also has excellent health benefits like proper bowel system, good for the skin, it is high in vitamins and minerals as well. It helps patients of kidney stones, diabetes, cholesterol, and so on. It’s cooking and preparations, if done properly, can help you get a mouth smacking dish for the family.

Easy Bitter Gourd Recipes
Easy Bitter Gourd Recipes

Some Best Gourd Recipes

Meanwhile, few of the top list recipes of bitter gourd are :

  • Stuffed karela with cheese mouth-watering dish with the flavors of cheese.
  • Bharwan karela cut in long pieces and stuffed with spices, a perfect lunch dish, especially for the North Indians.
  • Karela and baingan sabzi teaming up together with spices enjoy the dish.
  • Another amazing dish is the Karela ka achaar, this is a side dish for your lunch for lip-smacking.
  • Karela Dahiwala with spices and curd tastes excellent.
  • Aamchoori rarely this will ask for more as it has both bitter and tangy flavor.

Prepare, cook, and enjoy these dishes.

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