A Basic Bitter Gourd Recipe

Basic Bitter gourd recipe

It is said that bitter gourds are easy to find in North America, Europe, and South America. Because of the easy availability, many recipes for Bitter Gourd Stew have been developed and passed down through the generations. Recipes vary depending on the region and the specific recipe; that you select will depend on what type of Bitter Gourd; you have and what kind of stew you are making.

In general, the texture of the step depends on the type of Bitter Gourd; that you have and what kind of stew you are cooking. A lot of variations exist and therefore, each recipe will call for different types of Bitter Gourds.

For example; a Bitter Gourd will cook at a lower temperature and produces; a more tender and moist stew than a Desert Gourd. The size of the gourd also affects the amount of stew you make. The smaller the gourd, the less the stew will be.

Due to the ease of finding Bitter Gourds all over the world. The most common recipe is sweet Bitter Gourd Stew, although, there are a few variations that have been created.

When cooking a Bitter Gourd recipe; the time it takes to prepare the stew will be dependent on the type of Bitter Gourd. Bitter Gourds with the smaller seeds, produces a very sweet and creamy stew. These are the ones that take the longest to cook.

A Sweet Bitter Gourd will produce a sweeter and creamier dish than a Bitter Gourd with larger seeds. If you choose to use the smaller seeds for your stew, they will produce a little sauce.

Sweet Bitter Gourds is often combined with carrots, turnips or even some green beans. This makes a very delicious and healthy stew.

The large seeds on these Bitter Gourds will give the stew a slightly bitter taste.

you can find a recipe to use almost any type of Bitter Gourd you want. You can easily make a meaty version of Bitter Gourd Stew; add some veggies or use it as a main dish. Because you can find a wide variety of recipes. You will never have to leave home again to cook a hearty meal.

Vegetables are a great addition to the sweet gourd. In most of the sweet Bitter Gourd recipes; the vegetables added are more towards the sweet side, whereas, the desert is often heavy and meaty. Vegetables have a tendency to go bitter when they are cooked, it is important to use them sparingly.

A tablespoon of the stew mix into the stew after it has simmered for about ten minutes.

Some people enjoy the bitter taste of the Bitter Gourd but do not want to make a stew using it. Using a little bit of the recipe as a base for the stew; will provide a unique and tasty dish that you can serve to friends and family and will feed a crowd!

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